Organize your Products and Services the easy way

StoreApp gives you detailed overview of your store to maximize profit

Introducing the best structure

Achieve more with a structured system.

With StoreApp products structure it's easy to track sales on any level - Department, Category, Manufacturer & Brand names. There are two sides to this structuring, with department and category on one side, and the manufacturer and brand details on the other.

A two-sided product structure

Department & Category

Department allows you to separate logical parts of your business into different store e.g. Grocery store, Cosmetics store, Pharmaceutical store etc within your main store.

Each departments has its category which provides further categorization of your products

Manufacturer & Brand Details

On the other hand, Manufacturer details and Brand names also creates another means of categorization.

Most products are related brand names but differs in variants, example of a brand is Coke, coke comes in different variants - bottle, pet bottle, can etc, all these are grouped under the brand name Coke.

Why is product structure necessary?

It is important to group your products into smaller segments by which sales can be tracked. One major benefit of this is the ability to focus on the areas of your business that make you the most profit and also make informed decision about the ones that don't make you so much.

Going Beyond Structure

StoreApp is packed with other product related features with extends it functionality and also gives you a means of having absolute control of your inventory, put you in control of pricing with effective price management, manage services, define watchlist and taxable items, extend product structure with location management amongst other features.

Barcodes and labels

Barcodes makes it easy to find products at the point of sale. Import existing item barcodes or create your own barcode system for products that do not have barcode.

Location Based Products

Get more organized, create locations for different products in your stores - shelves, rooms etc. Make stock counting a breezing by focusing on one location per time.

Services Products

Services are not products, they are defined separately and do not have an inventory like products items. Capture the sales of service with our integrated service sales module.

Default Price Margin

Keep your default margin in view as you define the prices of products and service in your store. You can set default margins both at the department and category level.

Price Change module

Makes it easy to change all prices for a selected product in one view. Leave no stone unturned as you attempt to change the price of a product in your store.

Define Taxable Products

Separate taxable products from non-taxable ones, track your sales taxes and have them deposited in an integrated payable tax account so you can track how you remit tax.