Point of sale that is beautiful, flexible, and powerful.

Create memorable customer experiences and seamless sales in-store, online or on-the-go.

Engage better with your customers; more customers, more earnings

StoreApp has an intuitive point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers and retain their loyalty to your store. StoreApp connects with the most popular point of sale equipment and hardware - printers, barcode scanners etc., and tracks all forms of payment. It is easy to use and you can get your staff to start using it and selling faster in no time.

Introducing StoreApp Ecommerce Solution

Sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Expand your customer base and product reach by selling online with our ecommerce shopping cart system! Here's presenting StoreApp E-commerce Solution for both retail and wholesale products; this solution presents your products to potential customers anytime from anywhere in the world. You can actually control this product reach and there are no limits. This allows you align and pace your business expansion plan with your product reach. Learn more about this

A sales interface with flexible features.

Create custom-made buttons for your most popular products and speed up checkouts. Easily save these button designs as templates for future use in any of your stores.

Quick search & Barcode

Quickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords or using a barcode scanner. Easily find customers by name or phone number.

Presale and Prescription

You can isolate your cash point from the sales point with the presale interface. Have your staff who is more knowledgeable of your products do the selection, while the cashier gets the cash. This may speed up the time you spend attending to your customers and improves good customer experience in your store.

Discounts & Coupons

Increase revenue with discounts, coupons and our integrated loyalty program. Discounts come with authorization, so you can sure it doesn't get into the hands of unauthorized staff.

Layaways and on-account sales

If for any reason, a customer is not ready to complete a sale, it is possible with StoreApp to temporarily park their sale while you attend to other customers to avoid them holding up the line. Their sales can then be quickly retrieved when they are ready to complete it.

Split payments

Your customers choose how they pay and can split their payment to different payment types. For easy account reconciliation for you or your business manager, every detail of different forms of payment made to your business can be captured.

Refunds and returns

To make Refunds on this platform takes 3 processes to complete - the processing, authorization and payment. Your customers can get an exchange instead of getting paid in cash and everything can be documented and easily traced during your account reconciliation.