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Payment Plans

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Yearly Plan
One-off Plan
Basic Package
Basic Features
Sales and Refund
Inventory Management
Standard Package
Basic Features
Sales and Refund
Inventory Management
Customer Reward
Advance Inventory
Price Profiles
Flexi Package
from ₦10,750/yr
It's a flexi package,
you are free to choose from
any of the features below;

Basic Features, Sales and Refund, Inventory Management, Accounting, Customer Reward, Advance Inventory, Wholesales, Price Profiles, Payroll & Attendance, Production Management, Medical History, Laboratory Management, Hospital Management, Asset Management

** All of our plans come with a 45 day trial period with no credit card / payment required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yearly plan?

This plan is suitable for start-up businesses with high volume transaction. A fixed amount is expected to be paid annually to continue to use StoreApp. Includes with basic support & maintenace yearly.

What is the Flexi package?

The Flexi Package allows you to choose whatever features of StoreApp you require per time. It's flexible, so you can always upgrade when you want.

Is one-time really one-time?

Yes. For One-time plan, you get to pay for StoreApp one time only for a lifetime. There are no additional future payments. However, at-least the Basic Maintenance @ ₦10,000.00 is required from the second year.

Why is Support & Maintenance Required?

Through Support and Maintenance, we are able to fulfil our promise of prompt response to support requests and regular updates to keep your business up-to-date with latest business trends.

Are there any other payments?

There no additional payment. However, we offer other value added services such as the Online Tools, E-commerce Service, Online Backup which come at an additional cost, but these fees are not mandatory, you only pay when you subscribe

Do you offer a free trial?

If you want to try StoreApp for 45 days free of charge, please follow the link below and fill the form with your details, one of our agents will contact and get you started immediately