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Introducing StoreApp

Storeapp is built to meet business demands for improved sales and earnings.

StoreApp is a solution with a user-friendly design which makes it very easy to use regardless of your technical expertise.

The focus is to help business owners/managers have the widest view of the business in order to make informed business decisions, enhance rapid growth and yield BETTER profits.

Why choose StoreApp?

StoreApp is developed with the latest technologies available and it is constantly upgraded with new and innovative features that enables you to run your business seamlessly. See the highlights of StoreApp’s features below:

Multi-Store Inventory

You are in control of your stocks anywhere with our real-time inventory management tools that makes inventory control a breeze whether you have one or several stores. You can set customized low stock alerts, and make one-click ordering possible for your regular stocks.

Unlimited Pricing Options

Good pricing keeps you ahead of your competitors and gets your customers coming back. We understand that, and so we have provided several price models to allow you really stay ahead of the game.

Customer Management / Loyalty

With effective customer management, you can increase your revenue significantly. Attract new customers and keep them coming back with our integrated loyalty & reward program. Also build customer relationship with credit facilities within limits.

Payroll & Attendance

Managers of growing businesses know that a good payroll system has a direct effect on the retention of their most valuable staff and on the financial health of their business. StoreApp helps business managers perform payroll, bonuses, deductions and tax related functions effectively.

Expand your reach online

Expand your reach beyond the four walls of your physical store, sell to anyone, anywhere and at anytime with our ecommerce solution. Also make better retail decisions with advanced online reporting available to you on any device.

Support is great

With multiple support channels - field agents, phone, email & live chat, we’re available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our support team can get you through any technical hitch remotely.

Who can use StoreApp?

If your business is about buying and selling, StoreApp is perfect for you. It is packed with some business tools that can assist several types of businesses run smoothly.

Retail - Supermarkets, fashion, homewares, gift shops & more

Health - Pharmaceutical shops, Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories

Hotels, Fast food, Restaurants, Frozen food & Farms

StoreApp is currently helping about 200 businesses across Nigeria to become more efficient. We have continously developed StoreApp to meet new business demands.

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