Improve repeat sales, earn more.

Build your customer database, grow/retain business new/returning customers and increase shopper spend with a custom loyalty program.

Build great customer relationships.

Every business needs customers to survive and the more important thing is to keep them coming back. StoreApp is packed with tools that helps you improve relationships with your customers, assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

With the integrated loyalty program, you can provide customers with branded loyalty cards, allowing them to gather points from their purchases, to encourage repeat business and drive brand loyalty and awareness.

You can also set credit limits for credit customers - high volume customers with whom you have established a business.

You can analyse customers' sales history to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Increase repeat business with customer loyalty program.

Generally, it costs about 5-25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. Treat your customer like a star and get them onboard your loyalty program to encourage them to keep coming back to buy more items from you.

You decide how it runs

With special loyalty setup & features, you can decide how the program runs - the threshold, point value, coupon value, days to redeem it, and more..

Build your database on the fly

Build your customer database quickly on the fly by saving customer information at the point of sale during checkout.

Central customer database

Create a central customers' database that allows you effectively manage one customers list across all your outlets.

Know your best customers

Analyse customer history to determine your most valued customer. Use customer ranking feature to discover your top ranking customers.

A better relationship with Credit

Improve credit sales & build partnerships with Companies and other businesses using StoreApp. It allows you to create credit customers i.e customers that are allowed to purchase items on credit to a certain limit defined by you. These customers’ account becomes automatically inactive when these limits are reached so you can keep them in check. There are two type of limits:

Credit amount limit

When credit amount limit is set, customer cannot buy more than the amount set on credit. This provides a control on the amount of credit available to the customer.

Credit days limit

This is a form of validity period for the credit customer. The customer is expected to continue to buy items within the number of days specified.